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Mobile Marketing


In 2015 almost 95% of American population was recorded as to won mobiles along with mobiles being the most used device to browse the net and approach services. No business organization no matter how big or small can overlook the simple and clear advantages of mobile marketing. You are likely losing a massive number of potential customers if you haven’t integrated mobile marketing in your digital marketing campaign. People always have their phone on personal and definitely check them for any new updates. The chances of you not seeing any results is highly unlikely to say the least. We at Agorainfo.Net will help you get the most out of your mobile marketing campaign by driving real results that speak for themselves.

Responsive website design
Having a web site that is optimized for both desktops and mobiles is crucial for making your online business grow. A website that has a responsive web site design for mobile devices will definitely gain much more visitors and if the conversion optimization is done right, will double your sales in no time. With our web design and development services we will develop and design an eye catching, fully responsive website customer made for you.

SMS marketing
Probably the best asset of mobile marketing is the capability to drive mass SMS campaigns. SMS marketing is by far the most beneficial and effective method of marketing that has developed over the years. When you send a SMS to someone they are bound to open and carefully read it. Now imagine what an eye catching and compelling SMS relying your special offers, coupons or advertisement to specifically targeted individuals can do. We are well versed in SMS marketing and can definitely guarantee that your business will flourish with SMS marketing.

Mobile content optimization
Having content on your site that works for both mobile and desktop devices is a crucial factors of running a site that supports both types of devices. We optimize your content for your site and provide professional web pages adapted to the mobile phones, such as Apps for IOS and Android.
Chances are if you don’t have a viable mobile marketing strategy or campaign which include a responsive site and mobile app you are not achieving the maximum or even moderate exposure you can gain with either. Contact us and learn more about how you can tap in to this ever growing and efficient market.

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